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This site offers general and emergency information on coal impoundments, including their locations and related evacuation plans, as well as the latest on the environmental impact, safety, best practices and advancements.
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Image of an arrow. On Oct. 11, 2000, Martin County Coal Corp.'s coal waste impoundment broke through and released 250 million gallons of slurry in Inez, Ky., burying parts of the community under 7 feet of coal sludge.
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 Buffalo Creek Disaster
 Community Alert Online
The most destructive flood in West Virginia history occurred after a coal impoundment structure collapsed on a Buffalo Creek tributary, killing 125 people, injuring 1,100, and leaving over 4,000 homeless.

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The Coal Impoundment Location and Information System partners with Community Alert Online ; offering comprehensive ways for administrators and emergency personnel in Ohio County, WV to quickly send emergency information to community members via e-mail, cell phone text messaging, and the Internet.
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